Monday, 2 November 2009

Heroes of Newerth – Hero Guide - Andromeda


The star-born celestial known as Andromeda is a stranger to Newerth. With no memory of her home or her people, she is driven merely by an innate sense that the Hellbourne are vile and the mortal inhabitants of Newerth innocent. Her powerful dimensional magic allows her to bring destruction to the daemons or strength to her new-found allies.


Andromeda rips a comet from her dimension to hurl at an enemy, damaging and stunning them.


Andromeda shakes the magnetic field of Newerth, causing an Aurora to erupt, damage, and reduce the armor of all enemies in front of her.


Andromeda's link to her home dimension bestows power to nearby allies, allowing them to do more damage with attacks.


Andromeda pauses time and space, instantly switching places with another hero.


Comet – Aurora - Comet - Stats – Comet - Void Rip – Comet – Stats – Stats – Stats


Void Rip - Dimensional Link - Dimensional Link - Dimensional Link - Dimensional Link - Void Rip – Aurora – Aurora – Aurora – Stats


Stats – Stats – Stats – Stats – Stats

Item build 1: Bottle - Enhanced Marchers/Post Haste/Steam Boots - Fortified Bracelts x2 - Portal Key - Nullfireblade - (Behemoths Heart/Wingbow)

Item Build 2: Bottle - Enhanced Marchers/Post Haste/Steam Boots - Glow stone - Portal Key - Staff of the Master - (Random Stuff)

Optional: Assassins Shroud.

Wards are essential on her.

Preferred lane: Legion Bot - Hellbourne Top
Hero type: Roamer, Ward hoe, initiator, kind of an anti-turtler aswell.
Item dependence: Very low
Early game power/Lane control: Very strong. Ranged stunner. Very strong ganker at lvl 6 with her ultimate.
Mid game power: Strong
Late game power: Medium, swap their most dangerous hero out so you can kill him. You trade ur useless life for him. With portal key / Assassins shroud you survive it.
Farming skills: None
Gank power: Very high.
Hero Weakness: Bad stats gain resulting in weak hero power in lategame, low range, low Movement speed.
Hero Strength: One of the best gankers in early game, Ranged Stunning nuke, thats rare. Void rip goes through Shrunken Head.
Countered By: Scout, Wards.
Best Allies: Pyromancer, Torturer, Magmus, Hammerstorm, Nymphora, Voodoo Jester. Any stunner or Nuker.
Best against: Late game carries. Either for ganking them or swaping them out. Tempest, and other channelers to abort ultimate with Void Rip.

Suitable for newbies? Yes, easy to play.
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  1. I would personaly chose comet/stats or comet/dimensional link, because you need dmg fast. Also i would not get portal key, it is a waste of money. get DMG, lots of it, stun, and life. I would go for sange and yasha. wards not really essential late game, early game it would be a waste of money ... it depends on allies. if you have a good scout, you do sort of a map hack with him. put wards everywhere. But that kind of scouts are rare.