Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Valkyrie - Hero Guide by SyyRaaaN

The ancient sagas of the heathen north have long told to the tale of the battle-women known as Valkyries. For centuries, their ranks have thinned as the old ways have died out and civilization stretched its smothering hand over the frozen wilds. But some Valkyries still remain, cold and swift as the north wind, wielding their lances with expertise to rival the most veteran Legion warriors.
Valkyrie calls forth several Battle Maidens to damage nearby enemies.
Valkyrie hurls a Javelin of Light toward a target location. The first enemy hit will be damaged and stunned. Stun duration depends on the distance the Javelin has traveled.
Valkyrie leaps forward, charging to battle. Her courage inspires nearby allies when she lands, granting increased movement and attack speed. 
Valkyrie bends light itself, shrouding all allied heroes on the map in stealth.
Courageous Leap/Javelin of Light- Javelin of Light/Courageous Leap - Call of Valkyrie - Call of Valkyrie - Call of Valkyrie – Javelin of Light - Call of Valkyrie – Javelin of Light – Javelin of Light - Courageous Leap
Valkyrie's Prism - Courageous Leap – Courageous Leap – Valkyrie's Prism - Stats - Stats - Stats - Stats - Stats – Stats
Valkyrie's Prism - Stats - Stats - Stats – Stats

Item build 1: Bottle - Enhanced Marchers - Soulscream rings 2-3 - Nullfireblade - Geometers Bane - (Wingbow - Flayer) 
Item build 2: Bottle - Enhanced Marchers - Soulscream rings 2-3 - Shieldbreaker - (Wingbow - Flayer) 
Item build 3: Bottle - Post Haste - Charged Hammer - Frostwolf Skull - (Wingbow - Geometers Bane) 
Item build 4: Bottle - Post Haste - Charged Hammer - Geometers Bane - (Frostwolf skull) 
Item build 5: Bottle - Post Haste/Enhanced Marchers - Geometers Bane - Chargedhammer / Wingbow - (Frostwolf Skull/Flayer) 

Optional: Post Haste is always viable.


Preferred lane: Legion Top - Hellbourne bot - Can do solo mid aswell.
Hero type: Ganker, Semi Carry
Item dependence: Medium.
Early game power/Lane control: Strong, Aoe Nuke + Javelin does great damage.Mid game power: Very strong 
Late game power: Medium, can be a semi carry if decently farmed but usually loses to regular carries in terms of power. 
Farming skills: Great with her primary nuke. 
Gank power: Very high.
Hero Weakness: Weak against nukers and disablers. Somewhat low manapool, lacks a steroid spell for late game power.
Hero Strength: Has blink, stun and a aoe nuke. What more can we ask for? 
Countered By: Pyromancer, Thunderbringer, Succubus and other heavy nukers. In late game she is weak vs assassins like Night Hound and Scout. Also countred by wards, Totem of Kuldra, Hellflower.
Best Allies: Lengthy stunners like Electrician and Succubus for easy arrows.
Best against: No one in particular. Good vs most heroes.

Suitable for newbies? Medium - Only Javelin requires skill.
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