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Heroes of Newerth – Hero Guides - Nymphora


Nymphora has long been a protectress of Newerth's secret beauties, its secluded glades and crystal springs. One might think that the paragon of butterflies and skylarks would have little role in the brutal carnage that has engulfed the world, but one need only see the tiny fangs revealed by her smile to know that she holds secret dangers of her own.

Volatile Pod   VOLATILE POD
Nymphora spawns a Volatile Pod at a target location. The pod bursts after a brief delay, damaging enemies and healing allies in the area.
Grace of the Nymph  

Nymphora blesses an allied target with her grace, giving them back Mana over 4 seconds.

Nymphora's Zeal   NYMPHORA’S ZEAL
Shoots forth a wisp to damage and stun enemies in a line. For each enemy hit, Nymphora has her movement speed and attack speed buffed.
Teleport   TELEPORT
Nymphora channels the power of the forest, connecting with all living things in it. Through this power she is able to teleport herself and, at higher levels, some nearby allies to a target destination of her choosing.

Nymphora - Skill 1

Volatile Pod - Nymphora's Zeal - Volatile Pod - Grace of the Nymph - Volatile Pod - Teleport - Volatile Pod - Grace of the Nymph - Grace of the Nymph - Grace of the Nymph


Nymphora - Skill 2

Teleport - Nymphora's Zeal - Nymphora's Zeal - Nymphora's Zeal - Stats - Teleport - Stats - Stats - Stats - Stats


Nymphora - Skill 3

Stats - Stats - Stats – Stats - Stats



Nymphora Items   Item Build 1: Power Battery - Staff of the Master – Astro Blade –  Kuldra’s Sheep Stick

Item Build 2: Power Battery – Staff of the Master - Barrier Idol -Kuldra’s Sheep Stick

Item Build 3: Power Battery - Staff of the Master – Frostfield Plate – Kuldra’s Sheep Stick


Preferred lane: Any lane as long as it’s not solo
Hero type: Baby Sitter
Item dependence: Medium.
Early game power/Lane control: Strong, Aoe Nuke + Heal helps the lane mate harrass the opponents early on.
Late game power: Medium, heal becomes weak as the heroes gain extra health each level.
Farming skills: Great with her primary nuke.
Gank power: Weak.
Hero Weakness: Weak against disablers and strength type heroes.
Hero Strength: AOE heal and mana replenishment which helps her cast spells almost endlessly.
Countered By: Vindicator, Succubus and other disabling heroes.
Best Allies: Nukers and Strength Heroes
Best against: No one in particular.

Suitable for newbies? Medium – Player should learn proper placement of the Pod to make it more efficient. Timing for stun should also be mastered.

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