Monday, 2 November 2009

Swiftblade - Hero Guide by SyyRaaaN

The unique armor worn by this mysterious warrior is said to have been uncovered in the ruins of an Ancient city. Whether the armor imbues the famed speed and pinpoint accuracy possessed by the warrior called Swiftblade, or whether he would be equally mighty without it, none can say.

Swiftblade works himself into a blade frenzy. While in this state, he gains Magic Immunity and deals high damage per second to any nearby enemy units. Swiftblade is free to move around even while this skill is active.
Extensive training in melee combat has allowed Swiftblade to perfect the art of countering enemy attacks, granting a chance that he will retaliate every time an enemy hero attacks him.
Swiftblade's unsurpassed skill at the sword has made him a master of hitting where it hurts, giving him a chance to critically strike opponents with each attack.
Swiftblade attacks random nearby targets with such speed that he appears to teleport to them. Targets are randomly chosen, yet it is possible to teleport to the same target multiple times.

Blade Frenzy - Stats - Blade Frenzy - Stats - Blade Frenzy - Swift Slashes - Blade Frenzy - Stats - Stats - Stats
Swift Slashes - Way of the Sword - Way of the Sword - Way of the Sword - Way of the Sword - Swift Slashes - Counter Attack- Counter Attack - Counter Attack - Counter Attack
Stats - Stats - Stats- Stats - Stats

Item build: Enhanced Marchers - Runed Axe - Shield Breaker - Shrunken Head - Wingbow - Whispering Helm

Optional: Soulscream rings or Fortified Bracelets. Post Haste.


Preferred lane: Legion Bottom – Hellborne Top
Hero type: Carry
Item dependence: Heavy
Early game power/Lane control: Strong
Mid game power: Medium
Late game power: Strong
Farming skills: Excellent
Gank power: Some since his Blade Frenzy deals nice damage in early game. If an allied hero has a slow the opponent will take full damage.
Hero Weakness: Needs alot of farm to be useful in mid / late game.
Hero Strength: Deals alot of damage in late game if well farmed. Has some early game power if laned with a hero who has a stun or slow.
Countered by: Early game casters: Torturer, Pyromancer, Glacius, Thunderbringer, Pebbles, Succubus. Also countered by ganks and disablers, Totem of Kuldra, Void Talisman.
Best Allies: Baby sitters, Demented Shaman, Glacius, Pollywog Priest, Venomancer and slowers/stunners like Hellbringer, Electrician, Puppet Master, Arachna
Best against: Magmus. Good versus melee heroes in the lane.

Suitable for newbies? Yes very easy to play.
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