Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Moon Queen - Hero Guide by SyyRaaaN

The insectoid Moon Warriors never entered into the great war between Man and Beast, but when the Hellbourne threatened Newerth, their very queen emerged to lead her people against the daemons. With powers drawn from the moon and from the shared will of her hive, this strange creature is a mighty boon for the Legion.

The Moon Queen calls upon the power of the moon to strike a target foe, damaging and briefly stunning them.
The Moon Queen's skill with her Luna Shuriken allows her to bounce it from her primary target to hit additional foes
The Moon Queen radiates the power of the moon to allies around her, increasing the damage they deal with ranged attacks
The Moon Queen casts her Moon Beam spell repeatedly for a short duration on random nearby enemies. This ability cannot be activated until Moon Beam is upgraded.
Moon Beam - Stats - Moon Beam - Stats - Moon Beam - Moon Finale - Moon Beam - Multi Strike - Multi Strike - Multi Strike
Moon Finale - Lunar glow - Lunar Glow - Lunar Glow - Lunar Glow - Moon Finale - Multi Strike - Stats - Stats – Stats
Stats - Stats - Stats - Stats – Stats
Optional: Take Multi Strike if you face melee heroes in the lane. Last two levels of Multi strike can be got later, after Lunar glow (at lvl 15 and 17). 1-2 levels of multistrike is however very good before lunar glow for jungling/fast farm purposes. if your hero deals 100 damage, the first bounce does 65 damage, and the second 42,5 (100% damage incrase in the jungle), the third, 27,5 the fourth 18 damage. Do however you want.

Item build: Enhanced Marchers - Soulscream ring x3/Bracelets x2 - Shrunken Head - Geometers Bane - Wingbow - Whispering Helm (can be got at any time) - Symbol of Rage – Flayer
Item build 2: Enhanced Marchers - Soulscream ring x3/Bracelets x2 - Geometers Bane - Behemoths Heart/Frostwolf Skull - ( Whispering helm - Wingbow - Flayer - Symbol of Rage)

Optional: Bottle, Post Haste.


Preferred lane: No preferrance - Any lane works.
Hero type: Carry
Item dependence: Very heavy
Early game power/Lane control:
Mid game power: Medium
Late game power: Very Strong
Farming skills:
Gank power: Some, her ultimate does a great deal of damage and she has a great finishing nuke.
Hero Weakness: Needs alot of farm to be useful in mid / late game. Very low health pool.
Hero Strength: Deals amazing damage in late game if well farmed. Very strong ultimate.
Countered By: Early game casters/gankers: Torturer, Pyromancer, Glacius, Thunderbringer, Pebbles, Succubus, Ophelia. Also countered by disablers. Ganks, Totem of Kuldra.
Best Allies: Baby sitters so he can farm early game and net frags.Creep clearers so her ultimate deals full damage i e Behemoth or Wretched Hag. Immobilizers like Keeper of the Forest and Tempest.
Best against: Good versus all heroes in late game.

Suitable for newbies? Yes very easy to play.
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